Managed care contracts move your IT from reactive to proactive reliability.

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    Rapid response hardware maintenance contracts for printers, computers, and servers. More Info

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    Service Credits act as a catch-all net in a stand-alone agreement or in conjunction with a full service maintenance agreement.

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    When you buy it we stand behind it. We specialize in complex network and printing solutions.

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    We migrate, design, install, secure, and maintain networks for many small to medium sized companies. For the larger companies and government agencies we help tackle the big projects such as installing over 300 Oregon DMV kiosks and connecting them to their backbone.



ProPak™ Managed Care

For years Cascade Computer Maintenance (CCM) has, like others in our industry, developed services to rapidly respond to customer outages.  But as our customers have grown more technologically sophisticated, their need for highly available systems and ready connectivity has grown exponentially.  CCM has explored the major contributors to both customer down time, and IT productivity loss, and has developed ProPak™ a comprehensive suite of services to dramatically increase availability.  Coupling these ProPak™ services with our solid reactive services CCM has developed a complete low-cost solution that can actually reduce your IT spending, helping refocus spending to  improve your profits and competitive  position

ProPak™ allows customers to focus on their core business while CCM focuses on their IT

Viruses and spyware work to reduce system performance, steal sensitive data, and even cause catastrophic system failure.  ProPak™ AV works to protect systems and servers with industry leading software that balances performance and protection.   Key to CCM’s ProPak™ AV technology is the ability to centrally manage all of a customer’s systems, providing technicians the capability to scan specific systems during an outbreak, verify compliance, manage updates, and report on potential infections.


Most small and medium sized businesses can’t dedicate an individual to monitor network systems, apply the latest security patches, or quickly support end users.  ProPak™ Monitoring offers this and much more!  ProPak™ keeps inventory, licensing, system errors, and monitors numerous indicators for failure, alerting CCM of important issues and providing detailed reporting.  In addition, ProPak™ Monitoring allows for rapid remote control to easily assist customers without waiting for a technician to come on site.

ProPak™ Secure combines the benefits of ProPak™ AV and ProPak™ Monitoring to give customers comprehensive system management.  In addition to the powerful grouping of centrally managed security and monitoring, this blend provides detection of unprotected equipment on a customer’s network –plugging a common infection entry point. ProPak-2

In addition to the ProPak software stack ProPak Assist and ProPak IT Advantage offer technician services remotely and recurring on-site, respectively.  Cloud services for anti-spam and e-mail archiving are also provided through CCM’s ProPak AS and ASA products.

As a family  CCM’s ProPak Managed Care protects your servers and workstations from viruses, worms, mal-ware, and spam, while monitoring for common issues, provides rapid remote support, consistent on-site administration, and archiving solutions. In other words, ProPak provides proactive IT services – allowing our customers to do their job!

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